This is my first post in English. Writen while I am flying to Dubai in a Emirates plane.

Emirates has surprised me. In your seat you have a screen in which you can watch on demand movies, television series, listen cd’s, podcasts and worldwide radios, read news, tourist information, etc. You can also consult the trip information and even send emails and SMS’s.

A lot of technology on these airplanes. In this case a Boeing 777-300ER. I have read that in the moderns Airbus you have wifi access. It is incredible and amazing that you can be conected to internet even in a plane.

We are now flying above Saudi Arabia. It is 1:46 AM GMT and here the sun it is about to rise, acording to flight information.

Playing Keane’s last album in my seat screen. Now it sounds Black rain (beautiful song).

1:40 hours to DBX (Dubai airport).

Maybe I will upload this post when we will arrive to Dubai Airport.